Slipper Tan

Unfortunately, and fortunately, I am not putting a picture of my slipper tan on this blog.  Iʻll save your eyes their death.  However, work has been very much under variable weather conditions, one of them being this hot summer weather…hence the tan lines.  And I wonʻt mention the other bodily locations..

The work has also been quite laborious, and I feel the toll on my body when I fall on my bed at the end of the day.  Yes, tis a falling action.  But I guess the sweat will always be better than pushing papers in an AC cubical.  Praise God 🙂

Today, and every Wednesday for the rest of the summer, we had Kamehameha Schools Hoʻolauna kids come and tour the pond as well as help us with some service learning projects.  Iʻve been in charge of the jellyfish station, because Aunty says my experiment with them should make me an expert.  This is how the day went:

We were ahead of the game.  Clock in: 6:55am.  Kidʻs ETA: 0900am.  Caught crab, jellyfish, and limu specimens by 7:30am.  We were on it!  And the bus came rolling in.  Our plan was to have them go through the specimen rotations, go across to “Secret Island” to pick dead coral (to fill in the pond wall) and weed out mangrove and pickle weed (two invasives), then be back to the pavillon by noon for ʻāina ʻauinalā (lunch).  However, our reserved boat broke down and a bunch of things didnʻt go as planned, which was okay because as aunty kept cheering with the kids, “WE ARE ADAAAPTABLE!” while trying to smile.  

Iʻm not one to get stressed out and panic or get crazy, and so I tried to keep my cool when I was pulling pickle weed and cut my finger on a broken Budlight bottle.  I also tried to take it like a tomboy as I watched the blood ooze from my knuckle (yes, one of those cuts right on a bend 😦 ), but man did it hurt!  So nothing at all went as planned today.  But the kids were great, and the people always are.  And I went fishing with uncle Ikaika one of my mentors, for the last hour of work, and ended up short of our quota to sell to Fresh Catch, so I could take a couple fish home for my family.  I have no complaints about that.  

Yeah, I know. Too much talking.  Hereʻs my great grama and I; sheʻs my inspiration.  She also helped clean and cook everything.  Best tasting fish I ever had! 



5 thoughts on “Slipper Tan

  1. thanks for sharing and i can see the bandaid on your knuckle. was the bleeding profuse. if memory serves that is not a vascular area thus blood loss is typically minimal. we hooe you are okay and cleaned it out really good. there are many many broken bottles in our back yard as kalawahine was used as a dump in the past auwe ! the problem we have is NOT really throwing trah away as much as making an inconceivable amount of it and being okay with that behvior. best thing to do is carry ones trah around to actually see what we out in the earth in a single day.

  2. wow oio is a fighter yeah? whoa. that is cool. i havent seen la’i in a long time. were these caught in the pond?

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