You must be extremely bored.  Who in their right mind would want to read a piece entitled “school”?  I have been putting the mere thought off to the side (that is, the farthest dark corner) of my brain for the past three months.  Sure, I worked some of my summer, but the schedule and the stress does not compare to any other time of the year.  Eventually my body got so easily used to the rising at 9am and the falling around 11pm, with no agenda except to get to the gym somewhere in the day, intending to comfort my excessive amount of eating and sleeping. 

Funny, how we form habit.  I ponder on the cumulative hours I spent doing literally nothing (some days I laid on my living room floor, staring at the ceiling), and realize that I could have been _______.  Or __________. Or even _________________.

However given those blanks that I filled with charity work, community service, etc., I quickly grabbed hold of reality and said to myself, “Amber. You would not have done it anyway.”  As much of a terrible person I came to be following those thoughts, I have learned quite a lot this past summer- some lessons I am not sure I would have embraced in other circumstances.

Firstly, I need to say that I did absolutely zero, zip, none, nada, form of writing this entire summer…And that is exactly why this blog is disorganized, lacking impressive vocabulary as well as a creative title, and whatever else you, the reader, may have been concerned about.  My answer is ʻyesʻ.  To all your why questions.  🙂

And now, onto the things I have learned.  Beginning in no orderly fashion, I will say that during ones time off of school, employment does not come begging at the feet.  I have come to realize this when I wanted to go out and enjoy a night with friends, who were working, and peeked in my wallet to see my picture ID,… just my picture ID.  No folks, money certainly does not buy happiness but it can buy a freaking good pasta de la mushrooms on a night out with friends.

The gym.  I have come to embrace the saying “To each his own”, very much, especially regarding girl clothing options and the guys smirking at themselves in the mirror as they do their last rep.  “TO EACH HIS OWN!”, I yell in my head with a fun British accent as a reminder while smiling sweetly amongst them.   Truly, though, people who work out are put into a category in the minds of people who do not work out.  People who donʻt look like they need to work out as often as they do, are put into a category too.  And more, and vice versa.  For nearly everything in life.  I hate that.  Categories, stereotypes, first impressions, judgements, etc.  My eyes are much bigger than they have been in the past.  I can see much clearer today, and not for appearance of those I pass by, but for sincerity of heart, solely because I am made of the same flesh as them. 

Time management.  If I am not managing my time, it is managing me.  Ainʻt nobody got time foʻ that.

Love, oh how we love to love.  This summer I worked with a lot of kids, most of them no more than a couple years younger than me.  It was difficult at first, to gain their respect and attention, especially being new to this type of audience.  However by the end of the job, I learned that all they wanted was to be loved.  So I loved them, and it was the most fulfilling two weeks of my life.  My boyfriend came to visit my family and I for a short while, this summer.  I was concerned about being this and that, making his stay as flawless as possible, and ended up nearly bedridden with high fever and strep throat; he took care of me all night, getting up every half an hour to fill my water glass, cool off my forehead with a cold towel, and massage my feet.  We didnʻt get to do a third of the things I had planned due to my sickness, but he didnʻt complain.  He had to leave to go back home to Kona, and the next time I will be able to see him is (hopefully) 4 months from now.  All people want, at the end of the day, is to be loved. 

I do have some sort of correlation to all this and school, I promise. 

School is dreading, stressful, consuming, tiring, depending on who you ask and certainly if you ask right after they hit snooze on their alarm clock.  It is wonderful, enriching, fun, meaningful, limitless, fulfilling, again depending on who you ask.  I think itʻs a little of both, but hereʻs the ending of this messy blog: school is built on the idea of learning.

Iʻve learned many things while out of school, some I am certain I could not understand through a lecture class.  But if you chose school or work, and the lifestyle that comes along, you know full well that we live in seasons.  Summer is over, here comes Fall.  The learning doesnʻt stop, it simply changes form.  I might delete this optimistic blog entry in my peak-headache moments, sometime during finals, but for now I move into my new semester with a renewed mind, spirit and body, to learn.  Thank you to nature for the many hikes and surf sessions that made me feel small amidst Godʻs amazing creation; I like to begin new things with humility.  Thank you to family, near and far, for the reminder of my incredible support system.  Thank you Jesus, for all that and everything else under and above the sun that only You have control over, for we both know how things would end up if that power be in my hands.

Happy new school year!


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