Aloha nō!

My name is Amber or Wai, Iʻm a college student at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa pursuing a Bachelorʻs degree in Tropical Plant & Soil Science and Hawaiian Language -fancy way of saying I want to grow my own food with indigenous resource management methods! Living in Hawaiʻi is the greatest blessing, but with great privilege comes greater responsibility; my goal is to live in such a way that restores and maintains my homeʻs natural ecosystems from mountain to ocean.

Iʻm an island girl, born in the city but country at heart, love doing anything and everything outdoors and beating the boys at it!  Iʻm a Christ follower and love every second of being faithful.  Jesus is my reason for everything good I do and say.  Both my grandparents are bloggers too! Be sure to check out their sites, http://heulu.wordpress.com and http://drgoldsite.wordpress.com.  Iʻve got the best family in the world!

Mālama pono,



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Aloha Wai! Would it be ok if I re-blog one of your blog posts (giving you credit of course)? I’m a graduate student and I’m doing research at UH Manoa in education for sustainability. I’m posting some stuff on my blog related to sustainability efforts in Hawaii for curriculum and student project development. A students perspective would be awesome! Check out my blog and let me know what you think… http://www.sustainabilitystudies.org.
    P.S. I was at Kualoa Ranch just last week to visit a friend that works there. I wonder if you know him, in tour operations..

    • ʻAnoʻai! You sure can! I’d be happy to help 🙂 and that’s really cool! A very popular field nowadays.. My history professor says that eventually, everyone will be environmentalists because of our earth in crisis. Sad, but what a relief to know that you and I are not the only ones doing something about it! My best wishes to you and your thesis 🙂

      • Mahalo for letting me re-post! I put your last post on my site. Hope you enjoy your internship. Maybe I will see you at the Ranch this summer 🙂 Aloha.

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